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TCN Executive Team

TCN has recruited and empowered an experienced and proven management team to guide TCN to success. TCN's management team has significant expertise in the development of high growth direct marketing companies. Management expertise includes finance, management, network engineering, marketing and operations and comes with well-established long-term relationships within the marketplace and with access to potential dedicated and hardworking employees.

TCN realizes our employees are individually qualified and capable of contributing to the "mix" of skills and characteristics to service and support our Referral Agent’s and Customer's needs and requirements. Our employees feel a sense of individual commitment to the aim and purpose of the team and are willing to devote personal energy towards building the team and supporting our Company. TCN's executive team is crafting a vibrant corporate culture that emphasizes people as its essential corporate asset.

Our entrepreneurial philosophy and commitment of unprecedented support, service and flexibility is represented throughout our entire organization is well suited to meet our objectives and to serve our Customers and Referral Agent’s needs.

We believe we have the comprehensive business team to provide TCN with the technology, services, resources and support required; both today and tomorrow.


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Today is: Sunday, March 29, 2020
Referral Agent: Roger Pepin
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